Biggest news of the week! The Beatles are now offered on iTunes! There are problems, however. You need a special filter that costs upwards of $100, to stifle Yoko Ono’s voice. Songs sell for $1.29 each, except for the Ringo Starr-penned tunes, which are going for a nickel. And there is a new federal law that makes it perfectly legal to slap anyone who is singing along to “Yellow Submarine” while listening to earphones in a public place. Another thought on pop music, this in regard to current star Kanye West. Is there any way we can put him in charge of the war in Afghanistan? He cancels on everything! Catholics rejoice! The Pope just got Hi-Definition TV at the Vatican! How cool. Now the man-in-the-hat can see the pores on Ed Helm’s face when he watches “The Hangover”! We were absolutely STUNNED to learn that LeBron James was named one of the nominees for Time Magazine’s “Person of The Year”. We didn’t know because we don’t watch ESPN, and therefore we missed the 2-hour announcement extravaganza. By the way? Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wayne have already earned our “Hangers-On-of-The-Year” Award, and the city of Cleveland will no doubt grab the “Suckers-of-the-Year-Award” for 2010. Finally, Facebook, the online social network, is offering email accounts. Not to be mean, but Facebook email will offer all the privacy of opening your bedroom blinds in the middle of the day.