In Honolulu, Hawaii, thieves broke into a van and stole three puppets! What dummies! France has made it illegal for women to wear the veils known as “burqas” and other facial coverings that are part of the Muslim custom. What we want to know is this: do women get mad if you lift the veil and say, “peek-a-boo, I see you?”   And Forbes Magazine reports that Scrooge McDuck heads the list of wealthiest imaginary characters on planet earth, with $44.1 Billion in gold coins. Which proves that people working at Forbes have way too much time on their hands . I will be appearing in Toledo, OH Thursday April 14; Bozeman, MT on Friday April 15; Irvine, CA on Saturday April 16 and then I’m joining the Disney Magic Cruise ship on Sunday, April 17 for two days. My goal is to touch every part of the western hemisphere in less than a week! Hope you can make a show!