What a summer I’ve had! I’ll boil it down to the past couple of months: July – I did a show for a private company in Colorado. During my performance I began having severe abdominal pain. Three hours later I was in a hospital in Denver, and the next day I had laser surgery. No sweat, though. I was in the gym two days later! All is well! By the way? Having health insurance is a good thing in this case. The bill came to $40,000! And that was just the cab ride to the hospital… August – In the space of one week there was an earthquake at our house in New Jersey. Then my mother passed away at age 89 – a great lady! And Hurricane Irene hit the very next day. The electricity went out, so there was a silver lining: no way to watch the MTV Video Music Awards. On top of that I’ve had a summer of amazing jobs and fun live appearances: Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville and Lynnville Friends Church in Iowa are just two highlights, to go along with lots of other live dates, some Disney cruises on the new ship “The Dream” and college shows at Harding University in Arkansas. For those of you in Missouri, yes! That’s me on the “Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance” TV commercials with my new buddy “Clay.” And please tune into my newest project, “CHILDREN TALK.” It’s a syndicated children’s TV show that begins airing this Saturday morning, September 3. Details can be found at the website: www.childrentalk.com Click on “media” to find a television station in your area so you can tune in and watch. Or just drop us an email at this website of the Children Talk site.