Dear Taylor, Love this month's newsletter! Meant to write back to you earlier (like you were waiting with baited breath for my reply, lol, hope you do not mind the feedback), but could not agree more. We turned off all news this week on the tube as well.  Only watched a holiday repeat of a Watters World 1 hour special for the laughs. God Bless you Taylor, you are a giant success - be it your incredible “showbiz” talents, your intelligence and thoughtfulness, and for the great gift of humor you bring to so many. It is a true GIFT. Merry Christmas to you and may 2015 be your best year ever! Hoping to catch you again live soon, be it at Casa Carollo’s or on a Disney cruise! I am so glad they keep booking you, smart people those Disney folks! Very Best, Sue and John Lindstrom PS: By the way, I am a Disney - exclusive travel agent, have been for 18 years, When my clients books DCL cruises I always look to see if you are playing and send them to your shows, thanks for that!