Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For the first time in years my family will not be having traditional turkey at our house. We’ve been invited to spend the day with friends, and this is a good thing. A year ago, the meal had been prepared and was ready to go at the humble Mason home. The table was set, the refrigerator was full, company was on the way and it was shaping up as the perfect day. My wife took a couple of hours in the early morning to hit the gym, run some last-minute errands and stopped off to talk with friends. She burst in the door, came into the family room where I was dozing off, happily spending some time enjoying the couch. “I’m home, honey!” she announced, dropping some shopping bags to the floor, a big smile on her face. “I’m sorry I was out so long. Traffic is terrible.” I gave her a knowing, loving, that’s-OK-everything-is-going-according-to-plan look... There have been moments in my life where my heart, literally, has climbed into my throat and taken my breath away. This was one of them. “Thank goodness you were here to defrost the turkey for me! I couldn’t have gotten through this day without you!” I could not speak. As I said, my heart was in my throat. I was gagging, trying to point to the oven and think of an excuse and say something at the same time. Instead, there was an endless pregnant pause, and then a blood-curdling scream that you hear in gruesome horror movies. We’ll be spending the day somewhere else this year. From all of us at Taylor Mason Headquarters, we send our best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you, no matter where you are or whom you’re with or how you’re celebrating. Blessings from everyone here: Romeo, Paco (he loves Thanksgiving – it’s all about turkey!), Sumo, Juliette, Paquito, Tim and myself. Hope you have a great day!