For the past two weeks I’ve had what sounds dysfunctional but has become “normal” for my life. In a 12-day span I was in Florida, New Jersey, St. Thomas in the Caribbean, North Carolina, Houston, Cozumel, Mexico and Maryland. It’s not a case of waking up and wondering, “where am I?” For me it’s a case of waking up and saying, “where haven’t I been?” I’m a comedian who doesn’t use vulgarity. I work with puppets. I use music. Obviously there is only one showbiz entity in the world I can work for: The Disney Corporation. So I do! And their newest theme park is set to open in China in 2015. It’s cool because in their version of Fantasyland we actually pay back the debt we owe them! This coming Sunday is Easter, and I wish a happy one to everybody out there. Easter has nothing to do with springtime. Easter isn’t about candy or eggs. So I wish everybody a joyful day. And if you’re not Christian or Catholic, I wish you Happy Easter anyway! For those of you who are parents, a new study found that U.S. children aged 2-4 who drank skim milk were fatter than other kids. They also have a harder time learning percentages. I’ll be joining the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship this Wednesday in San Juan, Puerto Rico. COOL! Carnival Cruises have canceled ten cruises so they can conduct “a comprehensive operational review.” If you are a client who won’t be going on a trip because of the cancellation, you can get the experience at home by plugging up your toilet, throwing out all your food and turning the thermostat up to 90 degrees! Hey Philly! I’m in Doylestown at Poco’s Restaurant this Saturday, March 30! Click here for tickets.