It's the time of year that I look back at the many blessings I enjoy, the things I take for granted, and remember that whatever I accomplish it has less to do with me, my (lack of) talent and how lucky I am to live in a nation where someone like me can make a living. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! Thank you Marsia, Hank and Rett. I love you. To the Mason family, spread out from Florida to Toronto, to the Midwest and beyond, I thank you for your gracious support and positive reinforcement. I'm a terrible brother/cousin/relative. You all deserve better. BUT I STILL HOPE OUR PATHS CROSS IN 2015. To every fan and "follower" (wait... I think I'm following YOU! Ever hear people go up to celebrities and say, "I saw you at the arena in Atlanta?" With me, I go up to past audience members: "Hey, didn't I see you in the third row at the Comedy Club in Des Moines in 2011?") - thank you so much for keeping up with my blogs and newsletters and posts. Hope we meet again in 2015! I'm keenly aware of those who really need prayer and help during this national celebration that starts tonight and, let's be honest, goes on thru Super Bowl Sunday. You know who you are, and you are not forgotten or taken for granted. May 2015 bring happiness, joy, and good fortune to you, and please know you're in my thoughts. Always. We have a "homeless" person in Moorestown, but he's not struggling the way the world defines "homeless." Just because you don't have a "homepage" does not make you "homeless" (virtual homelessness, maybe?). He begs, but he also accepts VISA and American Express via the credit card "swipe" attachment he has on his iPhone 6+. He drinks Grande Lattes from Starbucks. He wears a sport coat with elbow patches, and he has a podcast. He has made begging a cottage industry, and has a million followers on Twitter. He has no skills, no talent, provides no service or production of any kind, yet here he is! When I ask him, "How is this possible? Who else could make a living without any ability or constructive output of any kind?" he rattles off his answer. "The Kardashians and everyone involved with their show, all the Housewives of Wherever shows, and the United States Congress, who works 2-days-a-week and accomplishes natta." He's got a point.... Hand crushing grapes Speaking of podcasts, I will be starting my own in just a few days. Details to come, but I'm looking forward to catching up with the times (some five years late). For someone who has made a living using his voice for all these years, I'm looking forward to combining technology with my ideas and joining the digital fray. I hope you'll give me a listen! Also, I'm feverishly attempting to finish my second book, TAYLOR MASON: IRREVERSIBLE. More information to come later this winter, but I'm very pleased with the work so far. Some of you have read excerpts I've posted online. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK! Belated but heartfelt thank-you's to Tim Grable, Bill Weil and Disney Cruise Lines - I hope that together we make 2015 the best yet. Paul Seaburn and Bill Mihalic are essential to my workaday output, and I hope you guys have more success than ever in the coming year! And to you, reading this: THANK YOU! HAPPY 2015! CRUSH THE GRAPE!