With all the whining and name-calling and cat fighting our elected officials are doing in Washington, I thought I’d solve one issue on my own. Since President Obama, The House of Representatives and The United States Senate are incapable of running the country and handling finances, I’ll do it. First: Sell the states. Not the rights to governing the states, just the names. The way advertisers do. If halftime at The Super Bowl can be brought to you by Lexus, or stadiums and arenas are “sponsored” by Bank of America and American Airlines, and every form of public transportation sells ad space, let’s open up the states! New York - brought to you by Metropolitan Life Insurance! Apple-California! BP For Texas! See what I mean? There are 2 billion dollars right there! Why stop? Re-name the monuments in Washington, DC! The FedEx Lincoln Memorial! The Lens Crafters Washington Monument! The Sony Iwo Jima Memorial! Oops…. Let’s face it, the I-95 expressway that runs from Florida to Boston will someday be “brought to you by Wendy’s.” Main Street in your town will become “United Airlines Main Street!” Midnight is 3 years from being referred to as “Sominex.” And 6 o’clock AM will come courtesy of Starbucks. I have a BIG night coming up on October 20. The show takes place in Voorhees, New Jersey at 6pm. Get details here (TIX ARE FREE!!)