Free Bird Déjà Vu

March 12, 2013

I’ve had a wild couple of weeks. Corporate shows, comedy clubs, country clubs and a couple of theaters – not to mention some church jobs. No complaints – I’m working!

My corporate gigs are always fun. I’ve learned a lot. For example: I now have insider-knowledge on starting a small business in 2013. It’s easy! Just start a big business and wait!

The country club jobs I just did were a blast. Who knew? I don’t play golf, so I didn’t share a base of reference with the audience. But let’s face it, golf’s an easy game to make fun of. Grown men taking a stick and hitting a little ball into a hole. Then doing it again, and again, 18 times in all. What fun. I say put in a defense, big people hiding in the bushes, who can intercept the ball in flight and throw it back at the golfers. NOW we have a game!

Church shows are a blast. Hey, I got started playing music in church basements. I was in a few seminal Christian rock bands: AD/BC; The Graceful Dead; and a group with two female singers we called “The Crucifixie Chix.”

The last show I did in a comedy club was 2 weeks ago at the Deja Vu (great name for a club: you have an excuse for repeating the same joke in your set!) in Columbia, Missouri (college town + comedy club + late night show + beer = INSANITY!). Some guy yelled out “play Free Bird!” during my set. So I did (thank God I remembered the riff and the changes – a girl in the music school at Mizzou yelled out “it’s in G Major!” so that’s what I did). I re-wrote the lyric as I played and sang:

If I play Free Bird for this guy,
And I recall the chords by ear,
I think he owes everybody in the crowd
At least one more round of beer.

Yes, I got a standing ovation!

Check my calendar for upcoming dates. Thanks for reading!