I was running the Chicago club last night and a guy came in with 10 business associates.  He started talking to me about Zanies and how he used to live on Wells Street and would come over all the time.  I asked him about different acts he had seen and who he remembered and he told me about a show he saw at Zanies.  One night the headliner did not show up (possibly because of a snowstorm – he could not remember).  The guy continued, "Everyone was a little disappointed but the MC went on stage and said, look, we know you came to see so-and-so, but if you just sit back and relax, you will see a great show.  And then the host did it all all.  Ventriloquism.  Music.  Jokes.  He blew the house away.  It was incredible.  That was the best show I have ever seen here.” I told him his name is Taylor Mason. Bert Haas Zanies Comedy Club Chicago, Rosemont and St. Charles, Illinois