Today is June 14th, what used to be celebrated as Flag Day years ago. John Adams originated the idea, but I often wonder what he would think of Hollywood starlets wearing stars and stripes thongs and speedos. Scientists believe they have isolated the genes that cause migraine headaches. It was an exciting moment. It hit them like an intense flash of light, followed by sensitivity to sound and a little nausea . And Happy 65th Birthday, Donald Trump! We hope you can afford to splurge a little and by yourself something nice. Maybe a city in Greece? A congressman? Your own political seat? Finally we congratulate the Dallas Mavericks on their NBA Championship. Owner Mark Cuban generously told the city that he would cover the cost of a celebratory parade. Cleveland ordered two. Thou Shalt Laugh V is out, and I am the only comedian who has appeared on all five! Get your copy at! Or check out the FaceBook page: