Fan Mail


December 11, 2010

My son loves to watch your performances and you are inspiration to him. What is an unusually quiet boy transforms when watching you and shares your clips and shows with his friends. Where can I get puppets like yours. Promise he will not be your competition LOL! We just want him to break out of his […]

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Ocean City, MD

November 21, 2010

Dear Taylor, I loved your act at ALIVE 2010 Nov. 19 in Ocean City, MD, especially Paco saying “I am staring at the man!” My friends and I thought you were a blast! You are a comedy and ventriloquist master! You rock, Matt

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Dayton, OH

October 26, 2010

Attached are two pictures I took of you and my son Will at your performance at the end of August.  He was so excited to attend and continues his interest in ventriloquism and comedy in general. The whole family really enjoyed the show – it was terrific. Thanks for being a positive influence for so […]

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Bourbonnais, IL

October 20, 2010

Hi, Taylor. My family and I plan on seeing you in Bourbonnais, IL on October 30. We have watched you for several years and my children (ages 15 and 11) have your DVD’s. We live in southern Illinois and I have had my eye on your tour schedule for quite some time, just waiting for you […]

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

October 15, 2010

“Thank you so much for the great comedy and ministry you did among us here in S. Florida. I have sent along some pictures…these are just from my camera. I will find out if our professional photographer has any to send along as well.” Blessings, Lesley Hurst    

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