I fly some 150,000 miles a year. I’m not bragging. It’s the price of being part of this business we call “show,” and I’m accustomed to it. Years ago a family friend asked one of my sons, “What does your dad do for a living?” The response: “He flies on airplanes.” The fees are becoming outrageous. In an effort to keep their profits high and salaries astronomical, airline execs charge passengers for a variety of necessities: $20 for an extra checked bag; $75 for an overweight bag; $100 for emotional baggage. Last week they charged $10 when the drink cart ran over my foot! There is a $30 charge if the wings don’t fall off. It’s never enough. Yesterday, after we landed, the pilot came on the intercom and said, “Thank you for flying with us. Don’t forget that our flight attendants are here for your safety, and they’ll be taking up a collection before we pull up to the gate. This is our new Arrival Toll and we’ll just sit here on the tarmac until donations reach $100. Again, thanks for flying with us and enjoy your stay here or wherever your final destination is. If you get there….” Please check out the new video download on my website! For $6.99 you get a full comedy show, and proceeds go to Kids Against Hunger!