Have you noticed that all the dictionaries released by big publishing houses lately are more expensive? It’s because they’re all HD – “High Definition.” For those of you who love the Oscars and find actors and celebrity fun and exciting, here’s a question for you: there is an actor in Alaska who does not own a puppy and lives in a major city. What is his name? DOGLESS FAIRBANKS. Biggest embarrassment of the week: I went to a wedding and when I got to the bride in the reception line, I noticed her amazing, intricately sewn dress. “What beautiful lace!” I said. She gave me an icy stare. “It’s a tattoo!” Oops, my bad. And did you hear about the Jamaican man who was on trial for murder? His case was thrown out of court. Why? Because the jury was hopelessly… DREADLOCKED! TAYLOR MASON appears this Friday, March 12, 2010 in Toledo, Ohio. The performance will take place in the Maumee Theater at The Toledo Symphony Hall, and showtime is 7pm. Tickets available here: http://www.greateasterntheatres.com/maumeehome.asp or call  419-897-8902 TAYLOR MASON appears on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at The Comedy Cabaret in Cherry Hill, NJ. The club is in the “Swanky Bubbles” restaurant at 482 Evesham Road. Reservations:  856-866-5653 or online at www.comedycabaret.com/cherryhill.html