I just disembarked from the classiest, coolest, state-of-the-art cruise ship in the world: The Disney Dream. It’s an amazing boat in every way – and the passengers (adults, children, teens, whomever) treated me with incredible grace. If you can swing it financially (it costs more but it is decidedly worth it) I make this guarantee: it will exceed your expectations. THANK YOU DISNEY CRUISE LINES! Hilarious stuff took place during the week I was at sea: a mother duck set up camp in the lawn and garden section of a Home Depot in Maine. It’s a feel-good story, but the underside is that she’s having trouble laying eggs. She got the instructions in-store and tried to do it herself . Not to be outdone, a Pittsburgh woman somehow got her hand stuck in an ATM machine at her financial institution. Firefighters were able to free her, so there is a happy ending. The bank offered to help as well, but the woman refused to pay the…Withdrawal fee. And some noodle-headed Berwick, Pennsylvania man took an 8th-grade class to Hooters Restaurant on a class trip. What a dweeb. “I want to teach the kids about owls,” he said, laughing. Of course, until this excursion, the guy often went to his “local” Hooters in Berwick – where he sat in a park, eating sandwiches and watching owls