In what we thought was a rash decision, has purchased the companies that own and Amazon will update their rating system so that reviewers can give a diaper up to five pounds instead of stars. Way to go Betty White! The 88-year-old actress has been made an honorary Forest Ranger! She admits this is something she has always wanted to be, since childhood, and there is already a Facebook page pushing for her to replace Smoky The Bear! Another story from Facebook! Queen Elizabeth now has her own page, ostensibly to keep in touch with her grandchildren. However, if you want to connect with her, do not click on “Add as Friend.” You have to click on “I want to be a Subject. ” In St. Louis, MO, a man was unceremoniously kicked out of St. Paul’s Church for dressing up as Jesus. That wasn’t his real sin. It was potluck Sunday, and he only brought enough bread and fish to feed himself. And poor Vice President Biden is really upset according to inside reports we’ve received here at Taylor Mason Headquarters. President Obama visited India early this week, and the V-P heard that his job was being outsourced to New Delhi!