temp-mouseMeryl Streep, the brilliant actress and outspoken feminist, recently gave a speech bashing Walt Disney and, by association, all things Walt and The Disney Corporation. Her rant took place at the National Board of Review dinner, one of the many pandering organizations that “honor” movies and actors. It’s a weird thing about Hollywood and politics: they’re constantly getting awards or giving awards to themselves. It’s the kind of narcissism I would usually be making fun of but I’ll hold my nose and stay on-point. I’m not going to get into Ms. Streep’s accusations toward the long-deceased Walt Disney. In this business there are shady dealings, equally shady people and a certain amount of corruption that is pretty much acknowledged by most. But action speaks at least as loudly as words, and the end product should, at least on some level, speak for itself. Sometimes we need to think before we write, or pause before we speak. (Or we need a good editor….) With that as a forward, let me put my cards on the table: I work for Disney and I am aware of the background of the founder of the most successful entertainment business in history. Here’s what I like: I’ve always been treated well (even when rejected in auditions, which has happened on a number of occasions – I’ll go as far as to say ABC-TV wishes I’d leave them alone. Fat chance!) It is magical when a production can please children, adults and people from all walks of life, from anywhere and everywhere! I like animal sidekicks, what can I say? Ms. Streep’s movies are great. I’ll still take The Matterhorn. Ms. Streep is a wonderful actress. I’ll still take The Muppets. As a fellow working person in the business we call “Show”, I have this in common with both the Walt Disney Corporation and Meryl Streep – it’s all about STORY! I will be performing in Ottawa, Illinois on February 7 and 8! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. temp-duck