Hi Taylor, We just left the Disney Dream today where we were able to attend two of your shows. In one of the family ones, our daughter, Olivia, joined you on stage and you gave her your puppet LU SEAL. I wanted to extend our thanks. Our family was on the cruise because of Make-A-Wish. Olivia is a Wish kid with a long complicated health history, including cancer and a rare neurological disease that will one day take her life. You had no way of knowing this, but I wanted you to know just how much being on stage and your kind gesture meant to her. It added some extra magic and LU SEAL hasn't left her side and is currently clutched in her arms as we wait for our plane back to Washington. Thank you for being a kind and intuitive performer. We appreciated the laughter and magic you brought to our family's vacation. It meant the world to all of us. Keep up the good work, Brandon, Julie, Olivia, and Cole DeCoria Tri-cities, Washington