A map of snowfall in the United States on January 11, 2011, showed snow falling in every state except Florida. "Global Warming" has been replaced by "Snowballs Forming." Happy Birthday this week to actress Kirstie Alley who turns 60, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh who also turns 60, and actor Oliver Platt who turns 51. To everyone else who had a birthday this week, we apologize. The cake is all gone. Those three ate it all! Don't look for Britney Spears to perform at next month's Grammy Awards in L.A. We have it on good authority the singer has not been seen shopping for lingerie, so she has nothing to not wear. A psychologist in California believes human beings are ready to accept evidence of alien life-forms without widespread panic. Unless, of course, those alien life-forms are also the "Housewives of New Jersey." Nobody has the answer for the deaths of hundreds of birds across the USA, except the gang here at Taylor Mason Headquarters! Some 100 birds were found dead nearHighway 101 in California .  They had just been subjected to an evening of programming on CBS Television, which resulted in their fatal end. I'm appearing at the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ in Tampa, Florida, this Friday. And I'm part of THE EDGE in Pigeon Forge, TN, this weekend. See you there!