Hurricane Cato This Thanksgiving holiday looks like many of us will be suffering through some bad weather. The storm coming toward those of us in the northeast has been named “Cato” (wasn’t he the freeloader living with O.J. Simpson? Or was he Inspector Clouseau’s live-in aid?), as all storms are now named by The Weather Channel. Which, let’s face it, this opens a revenue stream that has yet to be discovered by anyone, even the greedy hoarders in Washington, D.C. Why not sell the naming rights to every storm? The Weather Channel is a TV network, after all, selling advertising in between their updates and weather programs (my current favorite: “Fat Guys In The Woods,” which is a perfect title because that’s what the show is. Fat men are sent into the woods to deal with whatever weather issues come up. BRILLIANT!). So it stands to reason that it’s only a matter of time before someone jumps on the “naming rights” of every storm. “HURRICANE DAVE! Brought to you by Verizon!” “John Hancock Insurance brings you SUPERSTORM STEVE! Don’t forget your homeowner’s!” “Here comes WINTER STORM LILY, racing up the east coast, unstoppable and powerful, just like the roomy, affordable Nissan Pathfinder!”   Sincerely, thank you for reading and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! Taylor