What a wild week. Did you hear about CNN reporter Emily Chang? She was detained in China by the authorities for wearing a T-Shirt that had been banned by the state government. It showed a picture of Barack Obama dressed as Chairman Mao. Ms. Chang was released after she convinced the Chinese authorities that no one in the USA even knows who Chairman Mao is. Hail to ignorance! She was there with our president, as he continues his trip to Asia. Mr. Obama had 71 cars in his motorcade while in the capital of Beijing this week. Wow, 71 cars! Only four more and he would have had as many as the Jonas Brothers! A recent study that we saw on the web (so you know it has to be factual!) reports that using a cell phone while crossing the street is very dangerous. However, the crack staff here at Taylor Mason Headquarters (TMH) has the answer! There is an App you can download which will instruct the driver who hits you on how to perform CPR! And congratulations to ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whose new book, “Going Rogue” was released and has been a bestseller since September. It’s not a pop-up book, but Vice President Joe Biden’s memoir will be. Thanks for reading, everyone! BY THE WAY – PACO PIG PUPPETS MAKE A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT! GET THEM HERE AT THE TAYLOR MASON WEBSITE.