I cannot say enough good things about Taylor Mason!  He performed above and beyond my expectations. He was quick on his feet and didn’t miss a beat!  The way he engaged the audience was amazing: remembering every name, using local cities and colleges in his jokes…. He was just amazing! Some people are not fans of ventriloquism, but even those that weren’t, Taylor engaged them and kept their attention.  His “dummies” were perfect!  Loved the little pig!  At times I thought the pig WAS talking! And the ½ mask that Taylor used on our Marketing director was the funniest thing I have ever seen!  Taylor had that “knack” of picking the correct people to bring on stage. And his multi-talents (singing, playing the keyboard, jokes, picking on the audience, ventriloquism) keep the attention of everyone.  It is a show I will never forget! I would recommend Taylor to anyone and everyone!  If he ever needs a reference, I would be happy to give one. We will definitely invite Taylor back again!  He is a top notch performer! Lea Rhythm City Casino Davenport, IA