When you performed for a company

When you performed for a company, a while back, I think people were a little skeptical that a ventriloquist with puppets could satisfy a completely adult audience. Boy were they surprised! Everyone talked about what a great night it was, and that we should have you back next year!

This would be my dream job

This would be my dream job. Take ventriloquism lessons from Taylor Mason; Ken Davis’ Dynamic Communicator’s seminar; Comedy lessons from both, and from Tim Hawkins, and become a Stand Up Motivational Ventriloquist.  Do they have that?


The Complete Idiot’s Guide is in bookstores -I wrote it!!!!  check it out!!!!! The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ventriloquism teaches everyone to speak from their bellies, create and substitute sounds, use all the registers of their voice, and create diversions to attract the listener’s ear-whether they invest in a fancy puppet or create their own figure out …

Take out the Garbage baby

Taylor… you and I sang ‘Take out the Garbage baby…go…go’ on the Disney cruise last year. (As did many folks I guess…) 😉 If you ever make it to the Funny Bone in Richmond, VA, I’ll be happy to do an encore with you! Thanks for a fun memory!