There’s nothing funny about Taylor’s latest newsletter, “Comedy”

There’s nothing funny about Taylor’s latest newsletter, “Comedy.” But not for lack of trying. READ IT HERE anyways! 🙂

From start to finish, the process was seamless, and Taylor Mason’s performance was outstanding. Our audience was thoroughly entertained, and we received many compliments on the show. We highly recommend both Taylor Mason and the Grable Group for any event. John Bunn Amish Country Theater Millersburg, OH

Are those pizza boxes in the infield or what!?! Find out in Taylor’s latest newsletter. GET IT HERE.

Taylor did an amazing job of taking information on the spot and injecting it into his performance. He was phenomenal on the keyboard! He mentioned the guest speakers and mentioned the correct name for the Church and the event throughout his show! We simply loved him! Mitch Harriman Las Cruces, NM

Can you imagine Taylor renting a Tesla for the first time … and doing so in the middle of nowhe… Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? Well, now you don’t have to, because the odyssey is all detailed in Taylor’s latest newsletter. GET IT HERE!

Taylor Mason was even better than anticipated. The way he engages the crowd makes the performance even more lively, and the ventriloquism and ventriloquist doll is so animated. We loved it all! Retta G. Habitat For Humanity Rutherford County, Tennessee

Want to know what happened when Taylor sent up a helium balloon with a message to contact him wherever it was found? Then you better read his latest newsletter, Offense. Get it HERE. Warning, you may or may not be offended. Probably not. You just never know.

How does it end? Read Taylor’s Latest newsletter to find out! Get it HERE.

Wait. He’s got Santa Claus on the roof and a live manger scene in the yard?! Get all the details in this month’s newsletter RIGHT HERE!

Taylor remembers Jerry Lee Lewis and his beloved uncle in this month’s newsletter, R.I.P. At his age, we’re just glad he remembers anything.