Having trouble sleeping? Check out Taylor’s latest newsletter.

Having trouble sleeping? Taylor has the cure in his latest newsletter. Correction, Taylor’s latest newsletter is the cure. Read it HERE.

Speaking of, we’re sure you’ll appreciate Taylor’s Latest Newsletter Revealed: Field Yield. Enjoy!

Taylor has a lot to say in his latest newsletter, Binging. See if you can make any sense of it. 🙂 GET IT HERE!

In this month’s newsletter, Taylor takes on various changes in baseball that he thinks are interesting. There’s only one way to tell – read: The Shift.

Taylor is schooled by some middle schoolers in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Read all about it!

This pandemic has wreaked havoc on our sensibilities. No one’s much more than Taylor’s, as is evident from his latest ramblings generously called a newsletter. If you really have nothing better to do, you can READ IT HERE.

What is Taylor talking about in his latest newsletter, Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy? If you can figure it out, please tell us. We’d love to know! Read it HERE.

We very much enjoyed having Taylor Mason as our entertainment at our fundraising event! His act was clean, funny and well researched. His off the cuff comedy and interaction with the audience made it seem very personal to our event and group. We would have Taylor back in a heartbeat! Thank you for helping us […]

Brrrr, it’s cold out. And Taylor’s wife is to blame. Find out why in his latest newsletter, WINTER.

Is life really like the periodic table of the elements … and should we trust Taylor to make these kinds of metaphors? Judge for yourself in his newsletter for January, The Periodic Table of Life. Get it HERE.