In 20 years … your performance and talent is the best I have experienced!

April 19, 2019

In the 20+ years I have been putting the creative/content part of our company meetings together, your performance and talent is the best I have experienced!

Your ability to sit in an audience, observe an evening then tie it all together is an Incredible talent!

I don’t laugh out loud much…I did Monday night!

Steve Kent
Production Staff
Harris Teeter

Taylor’s New Book – Irreversible – Rave Review

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Taylor’s April First Newsletter

March 29, 2019

Taylor wants you to “Take a Moment to Register” in his latest newsletter HERE.



Talk of the town

March 8, 2019

Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show here in LaGrande. Taylor you are so talented and funny. It is the talk of the town and thanks to you we raised a considerable amount of money for the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation. We were thoroughly entertained. Thank you!

Libby Goben
Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation
Lagrande, OR

He made the evening a memorable one for everyone there

February 20, 2019

I will just say that Taylor did a great job. He was flexible and moved with the limited sound system set up we had. I felt very good about his performance and to be honest…he made the evening a memorable one for everyone there.

Thank you!

Rex Blevins
Keystone Koating
Mifflintown, PA

You now have a huge fan…

February 12, 2019


We saw you last week aboard the Disney Fantasy ship and I had to find a way to send you a note to express how much we enjoyed your show. Your material, talent and timing are amazing. I also wanted to let you know that you now have a huge fan in our 6-year-old daughter. She had never seen a ventriloquist before and now she can not get enough of your videos. She has been laughing for a solid week and tells every person she meets about your show and the pig who was “staring at the man.” There are no less that 20 people who passed through the Orlando airport who when they asked her what her favorite part was got the pig that was “staring at the man.” Thank you for an amazing show.

Terri Robinson
Toronto, Ontario

Taylor’s new book is out! Read about it in this month’s newsletter.

February 11, 2019

Taylor’s new book is out! It’s called TAYLOR MASON: IRREVERSIBLE. Read about it in this month’s newsletter HERE.

With Gratitude

February 8, 2019


I just wanted to pass onto you my gratitude and let you know I really enjoyed your talent and act on a recent Disney cruise. I met and briefly spoke to you in the fitness room and you pulled one of my children up on stage as part of your act as you indicated you would try to do. That was special to me and my family and I wanted to let you know that and how much I appreciated it. My kids talked the rest of the trip about your act and we have since “youtubed” you several times at home and continue to laugh.

Thanks for what you do and the fact that you have a comedy act that doesn’t have to use raw and explicit material to be funny.

Rick Hurni

Taylor was Taylor

Taylor was Taylor. Perfect on stage/off stage and with all the folks that came. Taylor is simply an unique performer and person and we’re all enriched for having an opportunity to have worked with him. Superb! People are still mentioning the show to me a week later…. He was well prepared and put on a perfect presentation.

Ken Anderson
WBVN Radio
Marion, IL

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January 15, 2019

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