July News: Something funky’s happening on the beach, and Taylor’s not sure he likes it …

July 7, 2018

In this month’s newsletter, Taylor explores Tent Cities popping up on the beaches. Check it out HERE!



Please Don’t Do Politics

June 25, 2018

Taylor’s latest newsletter, Please Don’t Do Politics, is now generally available in digital hard copy (whatever that is). CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

Blown Away

June 14, 2018

Taylor did a great job for our client appreciation night and the evening went flawless.  Taylor shared with me the trouble he had at the hotel and yet the show must go on.  He is a true professional and a great person to work with.

Taylor helped us create an Awesome Engaging Event for our clients.  Everyone left our event with smiles on their faces and they loved the evening.  I can assure you that many folks were talking about our event the next day to their friends and family.  I had one client comment on the way out that he needed to check his underwear because he laughed so hard.  Those were his words.  Taylor also did a great job with including our guest in the act – as well as referencing our business throughout.  My business partner was blown away by the whole evening too.

Bryan Weiss
Marian Financial
Indianapolis, IN

I can’t overstate my appreciation for Taylor

June 5, 2018

He was great behind and on the stage.  Very professional, caring, and so entertaining.  He is accommodating on every level and is not demanding in the least. The act always seems fresh, even when some bits are repeated.  He is a favorite at our event.  I have probably had over 80 acts and he is in my top 5 list.  I can’t overstate my appreciation for Taylor.

Tim Coldiron
Promise Village
Troy, MI

Taylor’s Latest Segment: She So Funny

May 16, 2018

Taylor’s Latest Segment: She So Funny coming to a computer to you just a fraction of a second after you CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

“Puppets” – Excerpt from Taylor’s Forthcoming Book!

April 27, 2018

Ever wonder how Taylor got started with ventriloquism? Well READ THIS NEWSLETTER and wonder no more!

A fun afternoon …

March 12, 2018

Hello Taylor!

Thank you for your performance at the Rockbox Theater today. It was a pleasure to have you, Paco, Romeo, Ramon & Zero.

The show was very professional and very high quality! It’s the kind of production that we are proud to present on stage and offer to the people of the Texas Hill Country. Everyone had a wonderful time watching your performance.

It was a fun afternoon.

Thank you again and be safe wherever your travels take you.

Best Regards,
Lynda & the staff at the Rockbox Theater

Taylor Mason at the Rockbox Theater

Taylor Mason at the Rockbox Theater


We can’t wait to have him back!

Taylor Mason provides an engaging, high-energy show that is guaranteed to get your audience involved, laughing and thinking. Whether he was showcasing his great skill as a ventriloquist, playing music or just plain being funny (and many times he combined all three), we loved having him open our annual corporate conference. A great performer who received outstanding reviews from conference attendees. We can’t wait to have him back!

Scott Goodell
Energy Insurance Mutual

This month Taylor’s not anti-social, he’s just anti-social-media

March 8, 2018

Read his latest newsletter RIGHT HERE!


March 3, 2018

Taylor was a hit!  He knocked it out of the park.  He is definitely worth more than he is asking. 10+++!

Thank you!

Jane Murphy
Office Manager
Energy Insurance Mutual