A confession: I have never read, nor have I ever really agreed to, "terms of use" for downloads or updates on any of my computing/communication devices. I bypass all that and just click on the "Accept" button, or highlight the "Submit" button. I don't get the point or understand what terms of use are. For all I know, I'm agreeing to pay $100 for every letter I type in text messages for the rest of my life. It's only a matter of time before an iPad is used for the Bible in court - "Do you agree to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? If so, press ACCEPT on this iPad and take a seat." Related (and I just noticed this recently): cellphones and personal communication devices are a culture unto themselves. And the effect on human life is significant and noticeable. Watch for the following:
  • The "Blackberry Prayer." This is the position that users strike when answering or sending text messages. The head is bowed, the hands are together, holding the tiny com device in their hands, moving only their thumbs. It's a spiritual thing!
  • The "Hive Mind." Ever notice how, when one person yawns in a meeting or at a conference, everyone starts yawning soon after? It's the same with the cell phone culture. One person pulls out his/her device and begins texting or reading or calling. Within moments everyone within eyesight has pulled out their phone and is doing the same thing. It's uncanny!
  • The under-12 set has adopted text message language and vocabulary and alphabet as the norm. My wife, a librarian in the children's department, has noticed this in the written work kids hand in. "I luv u. TTYL." When they have to spell "LATER," the accepted norm is: "L8er."
The worst part of the web is that every loser, lowlife and criminal has the same access as good people do. Online predators - those who would contact and hurt children - have become a real social problem. It would be so great if there was some way that Google or AOL could connect these idiots, so that they would spend their time seducing each other without knowing it. When I was a child I had an imaginary friend. Today, I have Facebook. I am performing on Saturday night, June 29, at The Valley Forge Casino in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. And because you read this blog, YOU CAN GET IN FOR HALF-PRICE! Go to the website - www.comedycabaret.com/kopvf.html Scroll to the bottom of the page and find "Show only promotion." Tap "CLICK ME!" Enter this code: TAYLOR You'll get half-off your tickets! See you there!