Willard, Ohio

Dear Taylor Mason, Hi! My name’s Emma, and I’m 13. I just wanted to say and ask you one thing. My first thing is that the first time me and my family saw you on Bananas, we were almost in tears from how funny it was. My question now is, are you ever coming to […]

What a week it was. Wednesday, April 14th, I performed at The Dutch Canadian Club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I think it says a lot that I have to go to another country for work… Thursday, April 15th, I performed at The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. I did the show in their “Phoenix […]

We lived in California, and our roof needed to be replaced. I thought I could save a few bucks and install the red tiles, which are so popular in SoCal, all by my lonesome. Bad move. After a day of lugging tiles up and tearing off the old roof, I realized I had too many […]