I am in my 70’s and I am writing my very first fan communication

June 25, 2015

I was on the recent Carnival Cruise Conquest where you performed. I am in my 70’s and I am writing my very first fan communication. You were beyond wonderful!

Your act is first class in every way. I hope I get to see you perform live again some time, perhaps another cruise, but I am still chuckling over your act.

I do not know when I have ever laughed so much and out loud too. I still am laughing out loud when I think of you or talk about it with other family members who were also there.

I wish I had realized that there was a second show. I would have been there! I would have also brought the rest of the family, even against their will if necessary.

I believe we have purchased the videos to watch again. I think my son ordered them for me for Christmas. But, we will not wait that long!!!!! They had to tell me to keep me from ordering.

I also have a pig puppet. I am a retired teacher and used it in my work. I have also used it in the children’s sermon at my church. I have been doing that for around 15 years.

You are wondferful, Mr. Mason. Keep on keeping on spreading good humor and fun everywhere you go.

Elaine Anderson