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February 29, 2016

Taylor need the extra leap year day to get this newsletter off on schedule, but it’s worth the wait. View it here.

60 Is My Favorite Number!!!

February 22, 2016

60My mother had a collection of sayings and clichés, she’d call them colloquialisms, which my brothers and I actually numbered because she used them so regularly. So that at dinner, when she’d begin one, for example, “Let your food stop your mouth!” we’d laugh and say “number 11!” before she got to the word “stop.”

One of her favorites was, “Go like sixty!” which meant something was going really fast (we numbered it “59” of course). It was all-encompassing and could be used in a couple of different ways. Running a wind sprint? You’re going like 60! You’re driving too fast? “Stop going like 60!” You’re dressed well for a party or special event? You are “going like sixty.”

I never got it, but 60 seems to have significant meaning in our society. The Nicholas Cage movie, “Gone in Sixty Seconds” is a nod to that original slang term. One of broadcast TV’s true battleships, an iconic program that has lasted thru recessions, presidents, cultural turnover and society’s changes, is called “60 Minutes.” It’s an hour of TV (actually 45 or 48 minutes, depending on ratings, ad dollars and the stories running that week) that endures.

The fact that an “hour” of TV is actually 10-15 minutes less than an hour, allowing for commercials, shows the ephemeral quality of “60.” Sure, there are 60 seconds in a minute, and 60 minutes in an hour, but a minute can last forever in high-stress situations, and 60 minutes can fly by in a heartbeat if you’re having fun and you’ve lost track of time.

60 can be religious. Buddha had 60 disciples, and he dispersed them to evangelize the world. Saint Paul prescribes that a woman can be registered to the group of widows only if she is at least 60 years old.

Age ain’t nuthin’ but a number, and 60 is proof. Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of those oh-so-popular “Little House” books that became a popular TV series during the 70s, was just over 60 when she wrote and published the series!

Check out Harlan Sanders. He was over 60 when he began promoting his cooking and became a household name via Kentucky Fried Chicken!

60 is the number of years that lasts a complete cycle in the Chinese calendar, and 60 days was used as a measurement of time for Indians, the Chinese and the Egyptians.

60 itself has meaning. Babe Ruth’s 60 home runs hit during the 1927 baseball season stood 34 years until Roger Maris hit 61 in ‘61. For fans of a certain age, those numbers – 60 and 61 – still resonate. The Philadelphia Eagles great linebacker, Chuck Badnarik, wore number 60. So did the lesser-known Tommy Nobis for the original Atlanta Falcons franchise.

It’s still hip, too. In 2006 Gilbert Arenas scored 60 points and set a Washington Wizards team single-game scoring record. It’s the highest level you can reach on the original World of Warcraft video game.

I will have a very, very big announcement in my next newsletter, coming out later this week. Thanks for reading!

Just returned from a wonderful couples weekend at Sandy Cove Conference Center

February 15, 2016

My husband and I just returned home from a wonderful couples weekend at Sandy Cove Conference Center, North East, Maryland. Taylor Mason was the special guest on Saturday night.

His performance was outstanding and we felt blessed to have been entertained by such a multi-talented individual. I wish we were able to meet him and thank him in person but, since we were unable to do so, I wanted to write a special THANK YOU to him on this website.

If Taylor Mason is in your area, go see him or invite him to your school, church or whatever organization you are involved with. He is wonderful and will put a smile on your face for the entire time he is on stage.

Joanna Powell

Fine Line(Man)

February 10, 2016

tempballMy defensive line coach, sophomore year at The University of Illinois, was a man named John Nelson. The Illini were coming off a winning season (a rarity in Champaign to this day!) and much of the team’s success came from a hard-nosed defense, anchored by a future NFL All-Pro named Scott Studwell – possibly a top 3 all-time player name.

During a late-August pre-season practice, Coach Nelson said – and this is a direct quote – “Offensive linemen are a dime a dozen!” As a player I remember thinking, “Huh?” And all these years later, after watching a mundane Super Bowl 50, I can make the case that Mr. Nelson was very wrong. Which might explain our team’s fall from grace (we won a total of 10 games over the next 4 years) and Nelson’s departure after my junior year, whereabouts unknown.

This was a couple of decades before the interactive world of football as we know it today, with the research and scouting combines that extend all the way down to peewee football. The hit Hollywood movie “The Blind Side” made clear what coaches and players in football already knew: offensive line play is more important than any fan, analyst or play-by-play announcer wants to acknowledge. Simply put, football comes down to blocking and tackling. Sorry, it starts and ends there.

Denver beat Carolina because the Panthers couldn’t block the Broncos, and the Broncos tackled the Panthers relentlessly. All the attention and hype goes to Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, the respective quarterbacks. But let’s be honest. Neither one distinguished himself in this game. Newton was handcuffed because no matter what packages his team employed, including two tight ends and all sorts of “protections,” they couldn’t block. Manning looked pedestrian at best, but his linemen did enough to keep Carolina from dominating the way Denver’s defense did.

Nobody knows or cares, but those offensive linemen have names. I won’t embarrass them here. Nos. 74, 73 and 68 for Carolina got manhandled. I felt sorry for them. 74 had one of the worst games any player has ever had in a Super Bowl, and the games’ MVP – Von Miller – was responsible for 74′s historic failure. On the Denver side, nos. 61, 65, 69 and 79 did just enough. They weren’t dominant. Frankly, they were barely passable, like a C-. But they are off the hook because their defense was so good, their QB did the bare minimum to win a boring game, and they outdid the Carolina offensive line, which graded out at an F.

My take on the whole thing? Thank goodness for the entertainment. Lady Gaga nailed the National Anthem. My wife thinks she’s been taking singing lessons. Beyoncé and Bruno Mars are the kind of superstars that transcend time and place, including the world’s largest TV audiences. I enjoyed Coldplay, and Chris Martin trying to wedge himself between the two afore-mentioned music superstars during the finale made me laugh out loud. So what if it wasn’t intentional? I’ll take a laugh wherever and whenever I can get it!

The headline is that Peyton Manning won his second Super Bowl, and the NFL has its legend and storyline for years to come. The truth is that Super Bowl 50 was the game where nobody blocked and the music, all 15 minutes of it, outshone the game.

I don’t think I have ever seen a funnier or more entertaining show

February 3, 2016

I have seen Taylor before on video, but the live act shows what a talented man he really is. I don’t think I have ever seen a funnier or more entertaining show. My wife and I loved it. The interaction with the audience was unparalleled. I can’t wait to go to another show.

Wayne Soles
Disney Dream Cruise
January, 2016

Mile High Conversations

January 26, 2016

Ever have that random airplane seatmate that you’d just rather not talk with? Can you imagine that after flying five million miles, Taylor might have a story or two to tell?  (Spoiler Alert: He does!)  Click here to check out this month’s newsletter.